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A new era of household rechargeable battery

When people talk about household batteries, there are two types: Primary and secondary. 

Primary or non-rechargeable batteries can cost significant money and may not be eco-friendly. Meanwhile considering secondary, or rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH types are the current dominant players in the rechargeable household battery market. 

However, they still have limitations: long waiting recharge time, high self-discharge over time, insufficient voltage and shorter effective recharge cycles. 

To tackle the problems, Tenavolts is introduced to the market. It represents the new generation of lithium rechargeable battery. It connects the advanced lithium technology and household battery market. It is developed to overcome the traditional rechargeable AA battery deficits. Its major features include constant voltage output at 1.5 voltage, quick charging time in 1.8 hours, and sufficient recharging times at 1,000 cycles. Besides the battery, the custom charging case supports micro-USB charge.